Monday, August 25, 2008

And so it begins.....

The boxes are finally unpacked (sort of), and we are starting to develop our new routine in Madison. So, I decided to add one more thing on my "to do" list and start blogging. CRAZY!!! So many of my friends have started this and I just adore their sites so I will try to do the same. I am not real sure how often my updates will be, but here we go....

I am still at home until Monday, September 8th when I start working at UMC in Jackson as a nurse anesthetist. To answer many questions, yes, I will be working with James, but I will not be his teacher. Good for him. I would probably be a little to hard on him. I am excited, but nervous because I have never worked anywhere else but with Hattiesburg Clinic at Forrest General Hospital. I know anesthesia is the same everywhere, but the environment will definitely not be the same. It will be an adjustment, but I will survive.

Madeline is doing well with her new preschool. She is slowly adjusting and is doing better each day. She enjoys her new teacher Ms. Linda and enjoys walking to the cafeteria each day. She has music class which she adores and I just signed her up for a computer class that she really likes going to. I guess before long she will have her own blogspot. HA HA.

As for Bennett, he is great. He is rolling around like crazy and sits up by himself. He loves to smile and laugh and definitely has to be the best baby ever (I am a little biased). He has truly been a joy. I am going to miss both of them tremendously when I go back to work. I have found a nanny to stay with Bennett during the day while I work. She is very nice and has been a nanny for over 17 years. Bennett will do great, but I will still be a little nervous. As long as you feed him and let him sleep, he couldn't be happier.

James is doing good in school. His role reversal has been a tremendous adjustment. Everyday gets a little easier, but he thinks three years will last forever. Everyday I have to give him his pep talk and try to cheer him up. I know it is hard to go from a financially secure job to very little pay and having to study all the time. As I said earlier, we will survive!!! Sorry for the long note, but just wanted to begin with an update

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Amy Beard said...

Glad you guys started blogging! Look forward to keeping up with you guys through this! Glad things are going well for you too.